Daily trip from London – Hastings

Here we are, finally back on writing post. I have been unable to go many places this year. With this pandemic and with this constant changing of rules, it’s hard to plan. But, I have been exploring some places outside of London. I would love to talk about this Seatown in East Sussex, in theContinue reading “Daily trip from London – Hastings”

Mental Health: 9 tips to stay healthy!

Before covid-19, we use to forget often about Mental Health, and how people are not happy, feeling anxious and depressed about things in their life. I also believe it’s a topic to talk about and help everyone in a way or another to find peace in their mind, especially during those uncertain times when youContinue reading “Mental Health: 9 tips to stay healthy!”

How big festivals are doing during covid-19

Today, I want to talk about the music industry and how they are surviving during this time! As Covid-19 jumped in our life, every sector of our economy had, in a way or another, seeing the impact. In the music industry, just to give you an idea, this pause of 6 months can cause aContinue reading “How big festivals are doing during covid-19”