Best beaches in Sicily

  Sicily is always on the bucket list when it comes to beautiful places, good food, and a chilling vibe. For some countries, summer is over, but not for all! Sicily still carries warm weather until the end of September and restart the beginning of May, so get ready to depart and enjoy the island!Continue reading “Best beaches in Sicily”

How big festivals are doing during covid-19

Today, I want to talk about the music industry and how they are surviving during this time! As Covid-19 jumped in our life, every sector of our economy had, in a way or another, seeing the impact. In the music industry, just to give you an idea, this pause of 6 months can cause aContinue reading “How big festivals are doing during covid-19”

Amsterdam – Tips to get around the city

Here we are talking about traveling during a global pandemic. But it’s just a matter of time and we can go back to explore the world. In the meantime, we can dream about our next destination. Dreamland, made of nature and a sustainable way of living. Did you know that the Netherland is heavily populatedContinue reading “Amsterdam – Tips to get around the city”

California: 6 things to know before your flight to Los Angeles

The dream of Los Angeles is real! Not everything that you will see is looking like a movie but is the vibe that you get from this place that it’s so unique! I will talk about a few things that based on my trip to LA I wished someone would have told me. Prepare enoughContinue reading “California: 6 things to know before your flight to Los Angeles”

California on the Road, Best to See

Who doesn’t dream about a trip to California? It’s a must destination if you are a nature lover, you like to explore and visit big cities and if you enjoy road trips! Let’s start with an important tip! Consider the airports next to big cities: Los Angeles and San Francisco are the two main airports in California, and sometimesContinue reading “California on the Road, Best to See”

Turkey – endless beauty and nature.

Turkey is an incredible place to visit, full of tradition and culture. It’s a perfect bridge between Europe and Asia, having Istanbul close to European beauty, and exotic markets, and undiscovered beauty much closer to Asian backgrounds! From 1978 to nowadays, Turkey has conflicted with the closest power territory Iraq and Iran. There has been anContinue reading “Turkey – endless beauty and nature.”

Portugal- What to visit on a short trip

Planning, planning, planning, this is why we are here! While the situation seems to readjust around the world, our hopes for travel during summer it’s real. And we all wondering if we can and how it will look like during this pandemic. When it comes to travel, most places, for now, have restrictions or areContinue reading “Portugal- What to visit on a short trip”

Morocco – On the road, what to know!

Morocco is beautiful to travel to, I wanted to see more than one place, so I rented a car and visited Marrakech, Agadir, Fes, and Chefchaouen. It’s important planning your car trip, as anything can happen and you need to have an idea of where you go or what to do.  What you should know, despite what different people said aboutContinue reading “Morocco – On the road, what to know!”

Discovering Japan – Tokyo in 5 days

Tokyo is giving you a feeling of tradition and advanced technology blended in one! Depends on the length of your stay you can see everything in this post in 5 days!  When you travel and you don’t know the local language, is always good to plan your day. What I do, it’s having an idea byContinue reading “Discovering Japan – Tokyo in 5 days”

Discovering Japan – Unmissable Nara

Nara is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan! Depending on the length of your stay in Japan, should be on your must-see list! And if you don’t have enough time, consider a full day will be enough to enjoy the city! First, let’s talk about how to get to beautiful Nara. The quickest way is fromContinue reading “Discovering Japan – Unmissable Nara”