Scotland Highlights & Edinburgh: What to see

I recently found some time to go over my trip to Scotland, and give you all the tips and local places I visited. Scotland is the northern part of the United Kingdom, surrounded by natural treasures and has a Gothic feeling. Definitely, if you have the option, take time to explore the country by driving all around. That would be the perfect way, as there is a lot to seeContinue reading “Scotland Highlights & Edinburgh: What to see”

Daily trip from London – Hastings

Here we are, finally back on writing post. I have been unable to go many places this year. With this pandemic and with this constant changing of rules, it’s hard to plan. But, I have been exploring some places outside of London. I would love to talk about this Seatown in East Sussex, in theContinue reading “Daily trip from London – Hastings”

How to plan a car trip – step by step

Planning a car trip is not as difficult as it looks! But you should realize the distances that you want to cover and you need to be aware that unexpected things can happen! You should document yourself before you decide to rent a car, taking care of small precautions before travel or as soon as youContinue reading “How to plan a car trip – step by step”

Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 5 days

In this guide, I will go through a few places to see and some amazing spots to check out! You should know that cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are not exactly on budget trips, as tourist destination prices are higher than the rest of the EAU (Emirates Arabic Unites). Starting from a normal coffee on average 15 DHM, to 295 DHM  for generalContinue reading “Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 5 days”

Barcelona – 7 things you should do

As you know, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in all Europe, famous for art and architecture patterned from Antoni Gaudì. We are going through 7 tips you need to take seriously to enjoy Barcelona like a local! Drink sangria and eat tapas Sangria is the main alcoholic drink in Spain, you can find a differentContinue reading “Barcelona – 7 things you should do”

Stochkolm – quick guide on a budget!

Stockholm is one of the most visited cities in Europe! It’s modern and inspiring, full of museums, design, and art. What you need to know about Stockholm is that is expensive compared to other European cities. So if like me, you like visiting places and not spending all your savings, this article is for you! TheContinue reading “Stochkolm – quick guide on a budget!”

Discovering Japan – Kyoto, and Osaka

Kyoto, back in 1868 was the Capital of Japan, today is one of the most touristic places. Famous for preserving classicism in Japan: from the preservation of temples to the ceremony of Tea practice! Walking around the city, you will discover a lot of hidden places. Temples in between buildings, traditional houses in wood, GeishaContinue reading “Discovering Japan – Kyoto, and Osaka”

Health: 7 Super Foods to release stress!

Here are seven superfoods to help you boost your body and mind! OATMEAL Oatmeal is another serotonin supplier. This complex carb will also help you with your mood. If you are not a big fan, try overnight oats. BLUEBERRIES Full of antioxidants, blueberries should be part of your diet. They help produce dopamine, that stress-fightingContinue reading “Health: 7 Super Foods to release stress!”

Mental Health: 9 tips to stay healthy!

Before covid-19, we use to forget often about Mental Health, and how people are not happy, feeling anxious and depressed about things in their life. I also believe it’s a topic to talk about and help everyone in a way or another to find peace in their mind, especially during those uncertain times when youContinue reading “Mental Health: 9 tips to stay healthy!”

Sicily: Unmissable heritage!

  Sicily it’s a beauty in the south of Italy. In this guide, I will show you around the Island the Unesco heritage places unmissable on your trip to Sicily! Before we start, the best months to travel to Sicily are from April to the end of September, where you find a mild warm temperature, and it’sContinue reading “Sicily: Unmissable heritage!”