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“Every time I plan one of my travels, I love to experience everything like a local. I truly believe this is the best way to explore the culture of a new place!”

Well, if you manage to arrive up here, is because you are curious to know who is behind Explorermatter!

My name is Lili,  I am originally from Italy, currently based in London working in the fashion industry. Travel is what I live for. Travel it’s what inspires me every day to do more, push my boundaries, be more compassionate and appreciate every person and place in this mother earth, making me a better person! Two of my biggest interests are Photography and Blogging. I love sharing my experiences, and inspire you through travels and photography, giving you some tips along the way! 

My blogging history started with the @lifetravelstyleblog, created by me and my best friend (a dream come true, right?) at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

As we had two different passions, Travel and Beauty, I felt we could improve together and reach more people, but we also realized that start growing with a mixed concept is not what both of us had in mind, so sadly we decided not to carry on with our project, therefore here I am, making my exclusive blog about my travel and lifestyle! 

I started working hard on my Instagram page, and thanks to you guys, I am reaching my first results! I am so happy to share my journey with you and create this special connection based on what we love most!

Nowadays more than ever, is important for me to keep it real and be yourself, and this is who I am and what I do. I hope you enjoy it and see you soon!

xoxo Lili

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