Stochkolm – quick guide on a budget!

Stockholm is one of the most visited cities in Europe! It’s modern and inspiring, full of museums, design, and art.

What you need to know about Stockholm is that is expensive compared to other European cities. So if like me, you like visiting places and not spending all your savings, this article is for you!

The best time to travel to Stockholm is during spring/summer, but of course, it will be more expensive as it’s high season, but the days are longer and is not too cold, it’s lovely walking in the streets or to rent a bike to move easily while you enjoy Stockholm!

Most of the Museums are free in Stockholm, but there are also many temporary exhibitions that you need to pay for, and if you are interested in art and design, most of them are worth it to see. Stockholm has an infinity list of museums, I will recommend you to visit Moderna Museet, which has also a few temporary exhibitions interesting. This museum it’s all about modern art and the place itself it’s contemporary, even if you don’t eat at the restaurant, take time to take a shot from their windows, it’s an outstanding view. Fotografiska, a museum of photography, of famous pictures and not, I found it inspiring and cool, seeing the way how photography is been evolving during the years. After Fotografiska, I will recommend one of my favorite spots if you want to have a vegan meal, or if you just want to take a cup of tea or coffee with a really nice view: Hermans where you can join inside or outside.

From exhibition about woman’s power.

Another museum is Vasamuseet, located in Albert, south of Östermalm, where most of the museums are located. The Vasamuseet preserve a vessel, called Vasa, which was proud of the Swedish Crown during the war back in 1628, unfortunately, the vessel was too heavy so it capsized and sank in Saltsjön, where it stayed for 300 years before being put up again. The museum explains all this story in detail with videos. Talking about art, you must see the Stockholm metro, classifies as the longest art exhibition, Stockholm provides a free guided tour, the only thing you need is a subway validated ticket!

A must is also to Visit the old city: the most beautiful part for me was Gamla Stan. As you can see, Stockholm is a beauty on the water, includes a lot of small islands and Gamla Stan is one of them. As a proper Swedish you should take ‘FIKA‘ which is like a break! The area is full of small cafes amazing for it! Café Schweizer is one of them that I experience, a bit expensive but it’s an average price for Stockholm, if you wish to walk through the area, you can find thousands. The area is also full of souvenir shops and a lot of local shops nice to experience and get inspiration from. At the end of the tour in Gamla Stan, go to Stortorget, Gamla stan square, which you can take the most famous picture of Stockholm of those warm colorful tall buildings.

Preview(opens in a new tab)

The best view spot that no one will tell you about for Free :

One of the best points was to see Stockholm for free is in Södermalm, called Skinnarviksberget, easy to reach by walk and if you are lucky and there is a warm day, bring a nice drink with you, so you can enjoy not only the view! As I mention before, from the restaurant of Moderna Museet you have an amazing view too, and from the rooftop of Tak, in the center of Stockholm, you can enjoy another amazing different view. It’s a bit expensive as a bar, but even if you go for a drink the view is breathless, especially during sunrises.

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