How to plan a car trip – step by step

Planning a car trip is not as difficult as it looks! But you should realize the distances that you want to cover and you need to be aware that unexpected things can happen!

You should document yourself before you decide to rent a car, taking care of small precautions before travel or as soon as you get to a destination. For example:

 Internet connection;

We are in 2021. You can find everything on the internet, so it’s always good to have a connection as backup information.

– Road Map ;

You must know where to go even if your GPS doesn’t work, or your phone died. Let’s be independent of technology and let’s hit the road!

– Emergency numbers;

Check which emergency numbers the country that you are visiting has, and make sure to ask once you collect your car any emergency number to call in case you need any assistance while you are driving.

– Respect the speed limits and their rules;

I used to ask all the time, once I collect the car, what are the speed limits, as it can be different by country and you don’t want to get fined during your vacation! Also, If there are parking free zones in the areas you want to visit or a similar question.

– Insurance; 

It’s always good considering to cover up for anything that may happen, even if it is not your fault or if you believe you don’t need assistance, remember, live your holiday stress-free is the best feeling!

– The company that you travel with;

We always look for the cheapest deal, who doesn’t? But sometimes, we don’t fully understand why the same category can be more expensive with one company than another. Read always carefully how many drivers are allowed to drive, if there is insurance, and what is covering if there is a GPS or not. Those are only a few of the examples of why certain companies have the same category on different prices, so make sure you check all the different variances and chose the best for your needs.

Now, I will walk you through, step by step on how to plan a car trip.

The only thing that you need now is a laptop, a pen, and a notebook!

Start researching what you would like to see, and write down a list of cities and areas.

That’s the reason why you decide to visit one place instead of another. So you must do some research on the best places you would like to see, to start having an idea of what you can discover.

Open maps and find all the locations of the places in your list.

This is one of the main keys to your planning. The location of the places you want to visit, so you have an idea on the map of where they are, I suggest you group them by area, so it will be easy for you to go around, using thoroughly your time.

Check which City is easier for you to arrive/depart. That will make your start point! 

Also, to consider is the airport where you will arrive and you depart. That will give you a start point and also a better understanding of where to go from there and plan your day back to the airport.

From your start point, calculate how long it takes, by car, to get to your next destination.

For example, Marrakech – Fes approximately 5 h and 30 min, next to Fes: Chefchaouen roughly 3 h and 30 min from Fes, etc, etc.

You need to know the time that you will spend on the road.

You must be aware of how long you are going to be on the road from one place to another, if there is any necessary stop, for food or fuel, or even to plan an overnight stop.

Make another list of what you want to see by the City, so you can have an idea of how many days to spend in every city.

That will help you secure more details on what to do every day, to have an idea of how many things you can see in a day, even if you are on your 5/10 days vacation and you want to try to see all your favorite spots! That will help you too for not rushing last-minute decision or places, losing less time once you are there, on the research. 

Now you have your plan, you are ready to experience the ride and enjoy the view on the way! 

I hope you enjoyed this small guide, I would love to hear from you!

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