Health: 7 Super Foods to release stress!

Here are seven superfoods to help you boost your body and mind!


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Oatmeal is another serotonin supplier. This complex carb will also help you with your mood. If you are not a big fan, try overnight oats.


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Full of antioxidants, blueberries should be part of your diet. They help produce dopamine, that stress-fighting chemical. I love eating them on smoothies, yogurts, or oatmeal.


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Seeds are fantastic for busting stress! Flax and chia are seeds with the highest amount of healthy omega-3. You can use it as salad toppers, soup toppers, yogurt toppers, basically everywhere!


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Leafy greens contain folate, a vitamin that helps produce the feel-good brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine. When stress levels are high, you want these chemicals to flow! Try some swiss chard sautéed with olive oil and garlic. Other greens high on folate: asparagus, broccoli, citrus fruit, brussels sprouts, and garbanzo beans.


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Salmon is a total superstar when it comes to nutrition! When we are exhausted our bodies produce cortisol, a hormone linked to extra fat, among other unfavorable responses. The omega-3 in salmon reduces anxiety and depression by combating cortisol. Salmon also contains vitamin D, which shows to help with depression.


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Most of you know it as part of guacamole and the principal source of vitamin B! Different studies highlight that the feeling of anxiety may be root in a vitamin B deficiency, worth it give it a try. Don’t you think?


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Tea time sounds perfect! Chamomile, green tea and black tea best as an antioxidant. Studies have shown chamomile tea aids in lessening anxiety symptoms also another study found that drinking five cups of green tea each day could reduce stress by 20%. That is so great!

In everyday life we abuse coffee sometimes, it’s good to avoid that if you suffer from stress or anxiety, and go for some decaffeinated!

Thy them and let me know how you feel!

Do you think that food is not enough to boost your mood? Then check it out few things that you can do to help your menthal health.

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