Mental Health: 9 tips to stay healthy!

Before covid-19, we use to forget often about Mental Health, and how people are not happy, feeling anxious and depressed about things in their life.

I also believe it’s a topic to talk about and help everyone in a way or another to find peace in their mind, especially during those uncertain times when you can feel anxious or depress thinking about the future.

First of all, you can help yourself changing your mindset to a positive one, by being proactive, exercise and trying to get out of your everyday life’s only positive vibe. And remember, we cannot always running, sometimes we need to lay back and relax!

What you should know is that the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy is DopamineDopamine is a substance released from your brain, helping you with pleasure, motivation, and a productive attitude, all key factors of your well-being.

Dopamine plays a role in multiple brain functions that involve sleep, mood, learning, concentration and focus, motor control, and memory. Food and exercise are fundamental to boost Dopamine. There are also other things that you can do in your everyday routine to makes you feel happy, removing all the negative thoughts:

go outside and have a walk

Fresh air and sunlight help you, having a walk help to clean your mind from negative thoughts, as it will make you focus more on what you have around you.

take a deep breath!

Breathing is one of the keys to calm your anxiety and stress level, will help you to get a healthy heartbeat and relax your body. Taking a deep breath will help you also to increase your calm, relieve pain, increase energy, lower your blood pressure, improve digestion and help support a correct posture. Not bad right?

write about how you feel

Own consciousness can help you to clear out your mind and accept and discover what makes you feel sad or anxious and start working on it. Sometimes it’s hard to admit how people or things make us feels.

stay present and connect

Connect with people that you love is important, and talking about something else can also help clear your mind from your problems.

create something 

Be creative and express yourself. Whether you draw, paint, DIY, design, or making a cake, you reserve time for yourself and create what you like! That’s the best way to love yourself.

find a positive distraction

Can also be watching a funny movie, play games with friends, dance, listen to music! Those are all things that keep you away from negative thoughts.

put on an outfit you love & treat yourself!

You are fabulous inside! You need to feel that way also on the outside, pick your best outfit that makes you feel good, buy something for yourself, fresh flowers, food, clothes, anything that makes you feel happy!

ask for help!

Sometimes speaking about it with someone else will help you out. There is nothing wrong with it! We all need help and sometimes need to come from a specialist that can guide us in the right direction. It’s good talking it with friends, but not always is enough.

Hope you stay healthy readers! 

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