Sicily: Unmissable heritage!


Sicily it’s a beauty in the south of Italy. In this guide, I will show you around the Island the Unesco heritage places unmissable on your trip to Sicily!

Before we start, the best months to travel to Sicily are from April to the end of September, where you find a mild warm temperature, and it’s mainly sunny. April is cool to visit Cities but not to go to the beach, while from June the temperatures are higher perfect also for some time on the beach! Are you on tighter time? Plan a car trip to avoid waiting for public transport to move from one city to another.

Are you also planning to check out the beachside?

Sicily, during his history, has been under different influences Arabic, Normandie, Spanish, that is what makes the background so unique! There are so many things to see in Sicily, really historical, full of cultural events, art music and let’s not forget the food!

Between the best cities to visit Catania and Palermo: the urban cities. Is where you find more tourists, as they have airports and all the activities to do in the same areas. So any of the two it’s perfect for starting your tour and finishing in the other city!

View from Catania

Around Palermo, we have San Vito lo Capo and the Riserva Naturale Dello Zingaro, then stop in the beauty of Cefalù for a nice day on the beach and a romantic dinner and the day after Valle Dei Templi in Agrigento, which is a beautiful archaeological site.


While from the Catania side, we cannot miss TaorminaGole dell’AlcantaraPiazza Armerina and the unmissable active Vulcano Etna!

When you go to visit Mount Etna, high 3.350 m, you can choose the North or the Southside, which will change your experience on the visit of the Vulcano, if the weather is nice and no foggy at the top you can visit craters active and caves. Do different activity, as a quad, mountain bike or hiking. Main important point: bring your hiking shoes with you!

View from Etna, 1900 mt

Another big part of Sicily that deserves your attention is the Siracusa area! Easy to reach from Catania.

Siracusa in Italian, and Syracuse in English is a big city on the beach, surrounded by archaeological sites, caves, and nature. Also part of Siracusa is Ortigia, a small island, a section of the city.

on the Southside of Siracusa, you can visit NotoModica, and Ragusa Ibla, all Unesco heritage.

The area is characteristic of Baroque architecture. There are some of the most beautiful seaside spots and different ruins and monuments to visit.


We summarised all the areas worth visiting on your trip to Sicily! Do not forget to eat a lot of food and try Arancino (or Arancina, depends on which side of the island are you), granita, babà, cassata siciliana and everything you can eat!

Leave us a comment with your favorite places in Sicily, and if you haven’t been yet, enjoy it!

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