How big festivals are doing during covid-19

Today, I want to talk about the music industry and how they are surviving during this time!

PhoneShot of Mainstage Tomorrowland 2018

As Covid-19 jumped in our life, every sector of our economy had, in a way or another, seeing the impact. In the music industry, just to give you an idea, this pause of 6 months can cause a loss of $10bn in sponsorships, plus extra costs for postponement of events and releases.

As definitely this year we won’t be able to assist with any of the live events that we love, most of them decided to come to our house through live streams. Artists are doing their Livestreams through channels like Youtube, Twitch, and Ig TV, the real struggle is for Festivals to deliver the same level of hipe through clubbers.

As a Festival lover, is not only music the reason why I am going to festivals, it’s also for the experience that you get out of it and for the people that you meet along the way, looking to share happiness through music with you.

PhoneShot of Mainstage Tomorrowland 2018
Dreamville signs

Some festivals like Tomorrowland, one of the most famous ones for Techno and Electronic music, decided to open a new chapter of their stories making a digital festival online of 2 days called The Reflection of Love chapter 1. Important artists like Armin Van BuurenEric PrydzAdam Beyer, and Martin Garrix performed in this digital world recreating live performances in spectacular stages around the Pāpiliōnem Island.

Official Trailer Tomorrowland Around The World

In this case, you can buy an online ticket for one or two days. You can select the package with gadgets or not and if you buy a weekend ticket, you can have access torelive set. You can select a nickname if you want to participate to live chats and enjoy the 8 different stages, some of them recreated from the original festival, you have a timetable to follow, and if you overlap your favorite DJs, no worries! You can relive the moment! From Wednesday 29th of July to Wednesday the 12th of August you can see all the sets! 

The timetable of Tomorrowland Around The World ©.

Also at Pāpiliōnem Island, you can play at The Greater Library, where you can answer 10 questions about Tomorrowland, to test your festival’s knowledge. Let me tell you, even if I have been different times and I followed the previous years online, I couldn’t manage to answer correctly to all of them! 

Photo Mainstage of Tomorrowland Around The World.
The Wall Stage for Tomorrowland Around The World.

The idea to me it’s original and different especially during this time where we don’t know about the future it’s important to keep people connected through live events.

I decided to buy the ticket to feel what was like looking at your favorite Dj in the comfort of your home with some friends. I enjoyed most of the sets, a lot of new music, between my favorite: all the mentions above, Oliver HeldensMarLoNWYRDavid GuettaCharlotte De WitteTiësto, Amelie lens, and Coone.

It was interesting, as you follow a timetable like a real festival and you can still enjoy it with few friends, playing some games and use the live chat to comment with the other participants about the performances.

What if this is the future for festivals and live events? How do you feel about it? What would you like your experience to be?

Back at the beginning of streamings and recorded live sets, we use to watch videos of our favorites artists when we missed the real moment, but now? Are we waiting for the moment to come to us? Are we too scared of this pandemic to never get in a club again?

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