California: 6 things to know before your flight to Los Angeles

The dream of Los Angeles is real! Not everything that you will see is looking like a movie but is the vibe that you get from this place that it’s so unique! I will talk about a few things that based on my trip to LA I wished someone would have told me.

Prepare enough money for this trip

In Los Angeles, the average price of everything is higher than in other cities. Especially for dinners, alcohol, transports, and shops. But there is always a way to save some money! Some tips: Use Groupon for some savings in the city, especially for restaurants and drinks!

Buy a go city card

The best way to visit the attractions of the city and save some money! Especially if you are planning to visit Universal Studios, which is already $139.00. You decide how many days you want to take the pass for, and enjoy as many things as you can!

The name of the pass is GoCity, it’s a digital pass so you can have it on your phone and you can decide between 3 different passes over 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days, have a look at the attractions available and decide your package!

Universal Studios, Los Angeles
Springfield, Universal studios.

I manage to enjoy LA attractions without having to worry about too much. I did my hiking to the Hollywood sign, get to see the Griffith Observatory, did a Celebrities House tour (ok, I am not the kind of person that cares about these things, I explore more by myself). It was nice just to be carried on the Hollywood hills while instead of driving, I could enjoy the view and taking some pictures.

As I am fan of the series TV f.r.i.e.n.d.s. I couldn’t miss the visit to the Warner Bross studios and take the shot on the original sofa! The only museum I wanted to visit that is not on the list is the LACMA, which is the contemporary art museum (also awesome to take some cool shots!)

Universal Studios, Los Angeles
Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Should I Rent a car or use public transport?

Depends on your idea of a trip, or where you would like to go renting a car, it sounds like the best thing to do. Comfortable to move, you give yourself some daily trip outside the city, and saving some money, especially if you are not alone. BUT, you should know that rush hour in LA is long hours in a queue to get from one side to another of the city. LA extends in width, not in length, so maybe in the same neighborhood from one side to the other, you can spend 10 minutes by car, but 50 on foot, and rush hour maybe 40 min by car! And be aware of the parking sign, most of them are to pay, so it’s to consider how you want your visit to be.

I was in LA for two weeks. I used a car, Lime, Uber, and Public transportation! The best tips I can give you if you want to go by Metrolook for an Airbnb closer to it, as the stops look all close but, they are long-distance walking. Use a car if you are planning to go outside the city, around LA use Uber pool, share the ride, meet some locals, have fun and save some money! Then use Lime for a nice chilling ride, I will recommend you all the Santa Monica coast to Venice beach. Also, if planning to use Lime for a different ride, make sure to use the bicycle lines if you go on the street or it’s dangerous for your safety.

Venice Beach, Los Angeles.
Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Get out of the city

That is something to do if you want to discover more of California and not just Los Angeles. Between my favorites Santa BarbaraPalm SpringsNewport BeachMalibù, and of course San Diego! If you also fancy some desert vibe just 2 hours away, visit Coachella Valley and Joshua Tree National Park.

View from Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles.

Bring a jacket

Yes, I know, you thinking why if the average all year round is 20 degrees?

The secret of Los Angeles is that in the proximity of the ocean. The Pacific ocean gives heat during the day and releasing it during the night. So the temperature will drop anywhere around the city of 10– 20 degrees at night. The weather usually is always mild, and that’s why Los Angeles is also one of the cities with the highest number of homeless people in the world. A hoodie will make your stay more enjoyable.

Hollywood, Los Angeles.

No smoking, please.

In Los Angeles, any public place is no smoking allowed areas. This count also for e-cigarettes and cannabis, in any areas where smoking cigarettes is prohibited. Some of the bars and restaurants have some smoking areas as they have a patio or outdoor space dedicated, but besides that, you can smoke only in private. As it’s probably one of the things that California is fighting against, keep yourself updated with the new regulations.

Los Angeles Times Box, Downtown LA.
Olvera Street, Mexican Market, Downtown LA.
I hope you will enjoy California as much as I did. Share with me your thoughts and don’t hesitate to email me! Have a nice trip! If you want to find out more places also visit this post blog.

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